Business Solutions

The Business Solutions division enables organisations to take better advantage of the information that is constantly being created, manipulated and stored in their ICT infrastructures. There are three key solution areas that enable operating model transformation with Kukaya Business Solutions.

The analytics and business intelligence unit ensures that clients can make meaningful business decisions from their structured and unstructured data by providing the systems they need to do so – customized to their business specific requirements

The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) unit focuses on business information. The team ensures that clients gain better business insight, create a more positive business impact, increase process velocity, reduce risks relating to information governance and address information security concerns. A well-designed EIM strategy empowers companies to unleash the full power of their information resources.

Kukaya Business Solutions helps customers maximize the advantages that an effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system provides: Intergrating myriad business processes, which saves time and expense; enabling faster, more accurate decision making; and ensuring the visibility of data across the organization.

API is a smarter, faster and more effective approach to collecting, processing and analysing data, creating insight which helps our customers to identify clear opportunities to act on and automating those actions to unlock business value.

KBS Applied Intelligence Strategy ensures that clients can make meaningful and effective business decisions from their structured and unstructured data by providing customized systems to their business specific requirements

A set of people who make the workforce of an organization, business sector, industry, or economy.

KBS strives in offering registered private employment services. Our company’s specialist, in-house recruitment team provides easy access to quality permanent and contract skill in the fields of IT, SAP, Engineering and Finance. 

Services outsourced to organisations that specialize in taking up outsourcing activities.

KBS offers customers with managing and executing business operations. Our expertise help deliver customized business processing across industries, analytics, insight and support processes such HR, Supply chain management, Logistics etc.