Cloud computing: Kukaya Business Solutions offers true public and private cloud services with management, monitoring, security, and always-on availability. Cloud services are available from the company's tier-3 plus datacentres, which are monitored for security, availability, performance and capacity by Kukaya Business Solutions' Security Operations Centre, Data Centre and Network Operations Centre.

Service aggregation: Kukaya Business Solutions manages customer vendor relationships and service framework by becoming the central point of contact for all customer service issues, and the central point of contact for customer service providers.

Service desk: The Service Desk offers an always-available managed services solution, providing customers the ability to rapidly report any IT problems and solve ongoing issues.

Managed systems: Kukaya Business Solutions manages all the disciplines associated with systems management and supports the world's leading vendors' hardware and operating systems. The team manages complex server infrastructures, databases, applications and network configurations on a 24x7x365 basis. The function is supported by the company's Service Desk and Monitoring services.

Managed talent solutions: Kukaya Business Solutions offers registered private employment services. The company's specialist, in-house recruitment team provides easy access to quality permanent and contract skills in the fields of IT, SAP, engineering and finance.

Managed networks: Kukaya Business Solutions designs, builds, implements, operates and maintains local and wide area networks (WANs), providing solutions from the network core to the network edge, as well as datacentre deployment.

Monitoring: The managed monitoring and control of customer network and systems infrastructure is imperative for establishing and maintaining critical system health. Kukaya Business Solutions monitors and controls all server hardware systems, operating systems, application services, databases, network devices and servers running in an ICT environment.

Hosting: Managed Hosting services from Kukaya Business Solutions are delivered via class-leading infrastructure. All services are provided with service level agreements and 99.999% network uptime guarantee. All Hosting offerings may be extended to include specialised security services (firewalls, patching, antivirus, and intrusion detection), backups, and more.

Managed print and document solutions: Kukaya Business Solutions offers integrated document solutions that respond to customers' complete document requirements across the document life cycle from creation and distribution, to collaboration and archiving.

BlockChain: As KBS expands, we strive to bring trusted solutions to our client by integrating Blockchain into their supply & Value chains. As we aim to be the market leaders in rolling out Blockchain solutions in the enterprise systems across Africa, the goal is to create transparent, immutable, traceable and efficient security solutions.

Managed & Trading Services: As Africa's economy finally accelerates, there is an ever increasing demand from international investors to capitalize on the opportunities. As KBS, we offer our services with knowledge, expertise and experience to investors especially those that are risk averse as they venture into African markets.